Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What software do I need to play DT’s movies? Our movies require the latest version of VLC Player or QuickTime. These are freely available from Videolan or Apple, or from the app store for your device. While other software may work to play our movies, we do not offer support for any other type of media player.
  2. What devices can I use to download and play movies? Any device that supports an installation of the latest version of VLC or QuickTime should work to play our movies. However, some devices do not support downloading files directly from the internet, so you may need to check with your device manufacturer.
  3. I bought a movie on my iPhone (or iPad) and I can’t download it. What should I do? For reasons of device security, Apple’s iOS does not permit downloading of files directly to those devices via an internet browser. If you have made a purchase on your iPhone or iPad and would like to view the movie there, first you will need to download the movie to an external device such as a laptop or PC. From there you can add the device to your media library and add it to your iPhone or iPad’s video library via sync. If you have difficulty doing this, please contact your device manufacturer. You can also contact DT for assistance and we will do our best to facilitate this, but we are limited by restrictions built into some devices.
  4. I lost all my DT movies! (Computer broken, hard drive failure, etc.) Can I download them again? When possible, we will do our best to give you additional access to re-dwonload lost movies if we can establish that you legally purchased them from us. Note that we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to fulfill every request for this service, or that we can provide links for every lost movie. The smart move here is to purchase an extra hard drive and make a complete backup of your DT video collection.
  5. I found some of DT’s movies on another site but they won’t play right. Can you help? The short answer is: NO. Buy your DT Movies right here, from the DT Shopping Cart!
  6. How can I report videos that DT should not be selling? If you find any video or photo on our site that you think shouldn’t be here, for any reason, please use the links on our Content Removal Requests page to report it to us.
  7. What are custom matches? Sometimes you may not find exactly what you’re looking for in the DT Shopping Cart, and that’s where custom matches come in. You tell us what you’d like to see, and for a fee we will book the girls and film the match. For a variety of reasons we can’t always get everything you ask for, but we always do our best. All matches become the property of DT and are released for sale in the shopping cart after you’ve received your copy.
  8. What do I get if I order a custom match? You’ll get a full HD download of the completed movie before it goes on sale. We may also provide digital photos and/or rough footage from the shoot if negotiated in advance.
  9. What kinds of custom matches will DT shoot for me? DT can shoot matches featuring almost any kind of female wrestling your heart desires, as long as all participants are over 18 and freely engaged, and no one gets hurt. There are limitations to explicit behavior or other kinds of activity we will shoot, but we will consider all requests. We also have partner sites that may shoot matches we are unable to take on, so send us your requests. The worst thing that could happen is that we’ll politely decline!

Last updated 9/15/2021