George Perez

1954 – 2022

Longtime comics legend George Pérez passed away at his home on May 6. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November, 2021.

George was a part of the DT family for over 25 years.

His popular and long-running Sisterhood of Superheroines series was created exclusively for DT.  George wrote and directed every episode of that series, as well as several other movies over the years. 

With his vast knowledge of pop-culture, classic literature and wrestling holds, George also generously wrote all the creative pun filled titles for our DT library. 

Even casual comics fans no doubt were aware of George’s many creations over the past 45 years. Drawing virtually every major character for both Marvel and DC comics, George also created some of comics’ most enduringly popular storylines.

Decades after he first emerged as a major talent in comic art, George Pérez remained one of the good guys.  He enriched every person’s life who was lucky enough to cross his path. Beyond his fame as an artist, he was famous for his giant hugs and big heart. He was the most generous man of heart and soul ever to live. He may have been mortal but he will always be remembered as a superhero! 

Rest peacefully George. We love you always and will miss you.