Outlook/Hotmail E-mail Blockage

Outlook e-mail service has placed a complete block on e-mails from our servers.

Please note that this issue does not affect your ability to order and download from our store directly. You may still purchase and download matches directly from your online receipt after checkout, and orders for DVDs will be accepted and sent out.

However, if you are using an e-mail address from Outlook or Hotmail please note that you will not receive our link and receipt e-mails. As well, we cannot respond to requests for assistance from e-mail addresses ending in hotmail.com or outlook.com.

Although we only send e-mails from our servers that are in direct response to orders or inquiries from our customers, Outlook alleges that we are blocked because of spam issues.

While we do maintain and periodically use a mailing list, we only send those messages to customers who have signed up for that service. We do not send those messages from our servers, and all current security and opt-out protocols are followed.

Despite repeated attempts by us to contact Outlook to resolve the issue, they have not responded to our efforts. Adding us to your address book or accepted senders list will not resolve the problem because Outlook has set their servers to reject our e-mails immediately upon receipt.

Because of this issue, customers are advised to use G-mail, Yahoo or other e-mail services when placing orders from DT. If Outlook chooses to work with us to overcome this problem in the future, we will let you know.

Thanks from your friends at Double Trouble!