If you have found videos or photos on our site that you think contain illegal or non-consensual content, or if you appear in any video or photo and wish to have it removed from the site, please use the link below which best describes the content you are reporting:

Report Illegal Content or Activity, or Underage Performers here.

Request Removal of Content due to Unauthorized or Non-Consensual Activity here.

All Other Content Removal Requests here.

Double Trouble Productions will investigate all requests to investigate unauthorized or illegal content and provide the results of our investigation within 7 business days of submission. If any video or photograph is found to contain illegal activity, or any video/photo was obtained without a performer’s written consent, that content will be removed immediately upon conclusion of our investigation.

Please note that if Double Trouble Productions is in possession of valid documentation regarding legal age, consent and release of interest for the material reported, we will not be obligated to remove the reported content from our site. Following such a determination, if we decline to remove the material in question we will provide the reporting party with an opportunity to appeal that decision and present additional relevant information.

All reports will be kept in confidence.