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Brandy vs. Coco


Time: 20 min

Don’t talk trash about my girls friends, this is what Coco tells Brandy when they meet on the mats – well tough Brandy is having none of this and soon rips the top off the tan beauty. Coco doesn’t back down and rips the top off to the trim warrior and if that’s not enough they rip the bottoms off of each other, we are in for a real wild fight. Coco is no slouch and attacks with a one leg take down and soon has Brandy in a tight leg scissors – that beautiful brown body squeezes with all her strength on the gorgeous sleek nakedness of Brandy. This wild fight continues with many more great holds; arm bar, camel clutch, figure four leg lock – looks like our brown beauty has it won but we all know how tough Brandy is and she comes back with ab stretch, bear hug, grapevine and Indian death lock, wow who can win this wild one. These ladies are very good at sticking these holds and they both so love taking the pain all the way to surrender. Two fabulous naked bodies that move so smoothly into their pain ridden holds — so many have found a love for these amazing natural beauties in Europe so we are bringing more and more of these fabulous matches — if you haven’t got on the band wagon yet, check this one out and you will see why these ladies are in such demand — naked, natural and so much fun !!!!!!