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Time: 17 min

SHE’S BACK! Yes Akira Lane is finally back and we are all so happy to see her again, so how do we welcome her back – we throw her in with one of the roughest girls around; Goldie Blair. It seems the buxom one has no love for the beautiful Asian, as she tells her how she’s going to slaughter her. A test of strength starts our battle and soon finds Akira on her knees, the destruction begins. Oh the raven haired beauty is too tough not to get in her blows and hold but make no mistake this is Goldie’s welcome back party and when Goldie throws a party — she throw the party – yes poor Akira is thrown from pillar to post. Both of their gut slugs rattle the rib cages but Goldie has so many more, each taking more life out of her poor victim. Savage breast smothers as only Goldie’s large mammaries can attain, breast and crotch destruction and oh so many painful holds, her leg is especially bent in so many ways that a leg was not meant to be bent — we are so sorry Akira – that was no way to welcome home one of our favorites!!


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