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Time/Size: 23 min 491 MB

Venus Delight in her robe, heels and nylons has been training hard to get back at Francesca but she needs to test her new body, if only… who is this nude lady walking by the ring, non other than Ariel X but Venus doesn’t know her and thinks she is new and wants to use her to train with. Ariel accepts and what follows is amazing. Venus disrobes and we find she is nude except for her nylons, she can’t understand why this newcomer is so strong and then she makes the fatal mistake of asking the powerful X to test her jaw with a slug – lights out! Next thing she is slamming Ariel’s gut with blow after blow to no affect so X shows her how it’s done, deep she drives many fists into the soft belly of the blonde, now it’s time for total domination as the X attacks her in every way and each time she knocks her out she wakes her up with sexual kisses and touches to her voluptuous breasts, her lips or between her legs, even rips off her nylons so there is nothing between sexy X and the skin she wants to touch. After all this destruction she is still not finished with her victim as she takes her home so Venus can sexually please her and then she has one last big surprise for her and when I say big, I mean big – no I mean gigantic !!!!!!!!


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