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Two hot young babes meet on line and after lots of chatting decide to have a wild sex fight. Prinzzess and Jamie Lynn show up at the ring in their swank clothes, both want it to be sexy wrestling so they decide to strip each other so they can wrestle nude, slowly they enjoy taking off each others clothes. The wrestling starts off tentative but once these beauties warm up touching turns to kissing and the licking turns to rubbing crotches – the wild sex fight is on. They fight till one orgasms then after a little break it all gets going again, bear hugs and leg scissors become sensual as hands slide over their throbbing naked bodies, the legs squeeze as the tongues lick necks and breasts, a pin turns into tribbing as wet pussies rub harder and harder striving for that ultimate pleasure; orgasm – and boy do to they COME. Later the hands go right for those inviting crotches as each rubs and kisses, pull that leg up so you can squeeze that ass then rub pussies together. Standing, sitting, kneeling – in every possible way they wrestle for sex and do they ever satisfy each other, almost as much as they satisfy us. Wild sexy wrestling at it’s best, we can only hope these two meet up again because this one is HOTTTT!!!


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