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Time: 23 min

Skylar Rene, that magnificent muscular lady is exercising in her sexy exercise clothes when the ultra petit Odette Delacroix saunters in to get some exercise in. The brawny one is incensed, who is this little upstart that has the gaul to enter the ring when she is working, she tells the blonde that entering the ring means she wants to wrestle her… oh no, Odette is having none of this and tries in vain to run away but the powerful one secures her and the annihilation begins and this is total slaughter. First she rips off all the pretty clothes of the wee one, leaving only her shoes, and once naked the beating ensues: leg scissors and the ripped one has the legs to split the little blonde in two, chokes, school girl pin with all her weight on that little chest, reverse head scissors that has that radiant blond face hugging that big exquisite butt as she is squeezed and squeezed some more. And this is just the beginning of the carnage, Skylar uses the ropes and picks her up and slings her around the ring, add in about ten more shattering holds and we have one ruined little blonde, she even takes her shoes off. I don’t think Odette will be getting in Skylar’s ring ever again, hell none of the girls may get in with her after seeing this one!!!


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