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Ivy vs Jessica


Time/Size: 22 min 471 MB

Everybody loves a good boxing bout, especially when the two fighters are so game, and these two are, Ivy Sherwood and Jessica Bangkok came ready to fight. They start out topless, telling the world how they are going to destroy each other. They both move so well, their breasts keep rhythm with their feet as they bounce around the ring so do their beautiful bosoms, up down and all around. And these ladies can punch, lefts, rights – to the head, the gut and even those bountiful breasts. Eventually our black beauty has our Latin beauty up against the ropes and beats her from belly to head and all areas in-between winning the fist one. Next round Ivy runs over to a beaten Jessica and rubs her breasts all over Jessica till finally Jes kicks her between the legs knocking Ivy down then goes down after her and punches her in the crotch, over and over till she gets control, now it’s her turn to beat Ivy from crotch to head, including breasts and gut, and when these girls beat they beat – oh how they pound breasts and guts! The fight gets even more violent with some great surprises, a fabulous wild boxing brawl with two sexy warriors !!!!!


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