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Time/Size: 16 min/356 MB

You know what you get when Goldie Blair and Kianna Dior get in the ring together – you get a breast battle, a super breast battle! Right away they start off with some strong chest bumping as savagely they slam breast flesh together, then a tight bear hug again presses those mammaries together as they pull hard with their arms, tighter and tighter they pull till four almost become two. And this is just the beginning of a huge breast feast, lots of slamming in the corners, mauling with both hands on one huge breast then two hands on both breasts and of course lots of great smothers; both breasts then one to cover the face and yes each of these ladies has a breast big enough to cover the face. Even some novel moves like a head lock that turns into a breast smother, with these girls breasts become weapons, big fleshy pillow weapons of soft destruction. They are also the focus of destruction as each attacks those womanly mounds with rope attacks and breast smashes, they each love their gorgeous breasts and love going after each others soft vulnerable breast flesh – and no one can do it better then these two queens of the best breast battles !!!!


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