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Time: 21 min

Get ready because this one has something for everyone, and if you don’t believe me look at the two girls; Abigail Mac and Idelsy Love, these two girls alone are enough for me but to make it even better they are wearing the shortest of school girl skirts, tank tops and heels. They are arguing about who does the best for her school and decide to have three contests to see who is the best. They strip off their tops to see who will win in a breast battle, those luscious orbs are slammed together as both beauties try to gain an advantage, then in the corner they squeeze and pinch their amazing breasts, to the ground and more breast battering… we have a winner. Next they ripoff the skirts and have a wedgie contest, up those exceptional asses go the strings of their bikinis almost splitting them in two, from the front and back they pull for pain. Finally to the floor where real leverage can be applied, their butts and pussies are stained to the limit till we finally have a winner. Lastly we find them both naked and ready for the third test; boxing, but this boxing concentrates on slamming those beautiful breasts and pussies. Both of these amazing naked female specimens take control and in the corner they bounce the leather off their breast flesh, the titties quiver and sway with each blow, then down below they go to those vulnerable crotches as they slam each other from one end of the ring to the other, in all their naked glory – yes most definitely, something for everyone !!!!


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