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Brooklyn Chase and Mai Mao, two gorgeous ladies that really fill out those bikinis and both can fight so we know we are in for a real treat. We are treated to a long test of strength to begin this wild match and finally Mai imposes her will over the blonde and has her in a scissors but Brooklyn knows right where to go to even the odds, she attacks those amazing natural breasts and soon has her nails digging in deep, then tweaks those pert nipples – not to be out done our Asian beauty goes for the blondes large inviting breasts and then uses her now bare breasts to smother the blonde as she slaps her natural tits across that pretty face, harder and harder she uses her hanging weapons to smack Brooklyn in the face then drops them fully on her face. Brooklyn then grabs Mai by the crotch and hair gaining complete control, now it’s her turn at destruction. Back and forth they go, both now topless and applying killer holds; camel clutches, chokes, arm bars, school girl pins, breast smothers, butt gouging, standing surf board, bear hugs and lots more breast attacks. We don’t get to see either of these big beauties enough so take the chance when it’s here because they put on on hell of a show !!!!!!

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