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Nightfall, (Diana Knight) dressed in her tight camouflage outfit and boots creeps slowly in only to find out it’s a trap set by the Chain Gang and one of their members; Ariel X, is there to greet her all decked out in a leather jacket and leather leotard. Well if it’s a fight they want then it’s a fight Nightfall will gladly give them because she has amazing powers, not just that she can take a punch but she can take more punishment than any normal human could ever handle as the main girl from the Chain Gang is finding out, oh she hits the sexy brunette a lot but it doesn’t have the effect it should. They both battle hard with great blows to gut and head but Nightfall out lasts X and uses her strong legs to choke her out. She doesn’t have time to enjoy her victory as another of the Chain Gang strikes her from behind, it’s Mai Mao, this time and the beautiful Asian has on boxing gloves so as not to hurt her hands with all the blows to Nightfall’s hard body, striking her from behind she gains the advantage and while the camo babe can take a lot it’s all getting to be too much, too many blows to the head and finally she is down, a few more devastating blows and she is out. Soon a dark voice fills the room as the leader of the Chain Gang tells his girls what to do with their victim, and it’s not pretty. They strip her down to her g-string and begin the annihilation, so many holds that allow them to double team this strong heroine; double bow and arrows, leg splitters, camel clutch, over the ropes, over Ariel’s back, match book with an extra person sitting on top for ultimate pain, and finally…. well it’s long and elaborate but you will finally find out why they are called the CHAIN GANG — you will so love what these girls do to their foes and all for their leader and he’s coming for her — oh is he coming !!!!!!

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