Charlie vs. Andrea


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Wow is this girl tough and also beautiful, Charlie Mancini from Chicago is a big gorgeous brunette with long wavy black hair and one sexy body but this lady is also as tough as they come, so much so we had to pull her back a bit because she was hurting the other girls too much and we needed them for more matches. Yes this toughness came as on hell of a shock to Andrea Ruso, because the big voluptuous red head is herself one super tough lady, so when Charlie started tossing her around she got serious and destruction became personal. These two use their sexy sling bikinis to give some mighty pussy splitting wedgies, then some killer butt dividing wedgies and both of these ladies have some serious butts to divide. This fight rages back and forth with each taking her turn at destruction but my favorite is when Charlie has big red over the turnbuckle and top rope and works over her pussy, then lets her down only to attack her breasts with incredible pinching and gouging as she tells her how much she detests red heads. Andrea comes back even pulling the brunette beauty around the ring by her butt splitting bikini as on all fours Charlie crawls. One super match that really shows off this new gorgeous star, get ready because Charle is coming back in December, so get those custom matches ready because Charlie is anxious to beat up some DT girls. So many great new women and we have many more to come in the next month… get ready!!!


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