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Time/Size: 16 min/351 MB

Cherie Deville, that new blonde with the amazing body, she had one match and now she thinks she’s great. She tells Danielle Trixie that she’s been practicing and everyone better watch out. Danielle has been around wrestling for a few years now so she resents this new girl thinking she is so good – not long and Danielle is digging her claws into Cherie’s amazing breasts. Yes Sexy Danny plans on teaching this newbie a lesson or two, she so wants to destroy this amazing body and it’s the breasts she aims at the most. On the couch Danielle has her blonde foe in a leg scissors that allows her to attack the breasts, then it’s to the floor they roll and soon the tops are down, they are sitting face to face and Cherie returns the favor and gouges Danielle’s chest flesh, soon they both have their hands filled with the soft fleshy pillows. We get a look inside Cherie when she takes her blonde foe over her knee and spanks that beautiful round ass, she so delights in each slap as she watches the butt vibrate with each hit. Lots of scissors and rolling, but always back to those breasts, they even use their feet for tit attacks, but by far the best is when they stand toe to toe, grip each others nipples and wail – a great view looking up between them shows their whole bodies shaking from the nipple torture. We all know how beautiful and fun Danielle is, so it is a super delight to see Cherie the body Deville in all her glory !!!!!


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