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Time: 23 min

Prinzzess and Ariel X meet in the ring for a training session, the sleek blond wants tough Ariel to train her, both are topless and ready to work. Ariel agrees but Prinzzess wants to start by learning the figure four and Ariel thinks that might be too much to start with – when she agrees the fun starts. Fun for both at first as the tough veteran displays the hold, then shows her how to apply the pain. Now it’s the gorgeous neophyte’s turn, slowly she moves into the hold – she has it, and administers the pain – she doesn’t stop! When Ariel finally escapes she is limping badly, Prinzzess goes for the finish but X is too tough to be taken out this fast – the tables turn and now it’s X’s turn to be in control and this is Prinzzess’ worst nightmare, an any angry grappler that knows all the tricks. Wow, what an array of painful holds; over her shoulders she lifts her and severely stretches that youthful body as she struts around the ring, a fabulous ceiling press, camel clutch, bow and arrow, many chokes and of course a long painful figure four, this leg hold is long and crippling – will be a long time before this little beauty is able to strut around the ring again. So many great holds but the figure four is the king of this match — four fabulous legs entwined in ultimate pain!!


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