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Time: 24 min

You want her – you got her, non other than Randy Moore, no she is not back wrestling but we did find a great video of her in our vault and figured it was time to let her out. So get ready all you Randy fans because she is hot in this one and that may be because she is paired with the great Erika Jordan, how special not only do we get a Randy Moore video but we get her with Erika. They start out with short skirts, nylons, heels and tops, the challenge is made and we are into anything but a lady like cat fight. The blonde and the brunette are now pulling hair, ripping at those roots, their hair goes as wild as they do. To the floor they go where they rip those shirts off and get their hands into the bras so they can get at their ripe melons, and some picking they do but first they have to squeeze the melons to make sure they’re ripe, the best way to squeeze is with the bras off, so off they come. These ladies have some amazing bodies, if you have forgotten what Randy’s body looks like… wait, no way could you have forgotten what that body looks like – you will enjoy seeing her again, what a treat. But let us no forget the gorgeous Erika, when these two collide it’s bodies from heaven, but these bodies are trying to rip the tits off of each other and when they aren’t attacking the breasts they are cat-balling or even getting in a little tribb positioning. But always back to those luscious breasts they go. Randy Moore is here for more, what else needs to be said – ENJOY!!!


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