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Time/Size: 23 min MB 487

IT’S TIME! That’s right it’s time for another great tiger match, this great series always brings us lots of action spiced with sexual overtones, and this one is no exception. Today we have Sinn Sage representing her tiger gang and Akira Lane fighting for her posse, a hard bitch slap by Sinn and we are ready to rumble. Now if you know this series and the reputation of these gangs then you won’t be surprised that soon both ladies have ripped off their tiger suits and are rolling nude, each taking her turn at domination with lots of crotch grabbing, breast gouging, face sits, butt spanking – oh and my two favorites are when Sinn forces Akira to suck her breasts, on top she drops her tit in Akira’s mouth and forces her in a deep suck and of course the other is when Sinn mounts her from behind and while pulling her hair she slams her pussy hard into that beautiful Asian behind. Akira gets hers too, she goes from a killer camel clutch to pussy molesting with some oral pleasure sprinkled in. In the end one beautiful face get slammed into one beautiful butt and smothered… what a way to go! Wild nude sexual wrestling at it’s best !!!!


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