Jemma vs. Brandy


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Time: 17 Minutes / 377 MB

Time for some new blood, we just keep them coming, we’ll have three in the next few weeks and we start out with Jemma, a Canadian beauty that is over there with our Euro girls and she wants to wrestle so she goes to the toughest of the Euro babes, that’s right, Brandy. This Brandy is one tough cookie, and she just loves to fight, so the sweet blonde may not want this lady showing her holds because once Brandy gets going she can’t stop, the tortuous lesson comes hard and pain-filled with a grapevine and a full nelson, and for fun she pulls off the blonde’s top revealing those bouncy natural breasts, but wait what is this, the sweet blonde is putting on a killer body scissors and yes she is taking off Brandy’s top. Oh no, Brandy is angry and soon our cute newbie is naked and in one mean camel clutch, her soft breasts like headlights as her neck is stretched. A few more holds and Brandy leaves a naked angry Jemma on the mat… all seems to be over but this little blonde doesn’t want to quit, Brandy has left but Jemma goes after her, yes she wants more and soon both beauties are naked and offering us even more of a great fight. It’s raining new beauties, and today it’s a beautiful blonde you will be wanting a lot more of !!!!


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