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Time/Size: 20 min 409 MB

Two super destroyers in the ring together; Kristie Etzold and Max Makita, one of them is going to be very uncomfortable because both of these toughies are used to dominating. We first start out with a strength challenge as both ladies go to the canvas for some arm wrestling, back and forth go their strong arms till we have a winner with one arm then to the other, now its time for the match. They lock hands in a test of strength when Kristie pulls Max to her and secures a tight head lock then takes her to the ground and pins her, but a determined Max is soon ready for more as they begin with a test of strength again, to her knees then to the canvas as Kristie proves to be the strongest, a cross body pin and we realize a trend. After Kristie applies a savage back stretcher where she locks her hands around Max’s chin then yanks her off her feet and onto the red head’s back, pulling and stretching as the sexy Asian screams in pain, after this it’s all over but the destruction, because poor Max has become Kristie’s toy, her rag doll and there is nothing big red likes better than a living doll. Kristie gladly goes to work on her toy with devastating leg spreaders, chokes, and some she just makes up – poor Max never knew what hit her !!!!


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