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Best two out of three, ten count body pin, and to make it extra interesting the toes have to be intertwined – these are the rules Erika Jordan dictates to Abigail Mac as they square off in their oh so sexy white bra and panties. You will so love the way they fill out those white bras and those asses in full cut panties is very sexy, but these ladies are here to fight and soon are wrapped in a tight bear hug, across the ring they squeeze till to the floor they go, now it’s roll roll roll as they intertwine their sexy legs struggling to get the toes and body in position for a pin – finally after an intense struggle we have a pin. Next they decide to take their tops off and have at it again, this time the bear hug reveals their beautiful breasts smashed together and again to the floor where they roll and struggle for position till we have another pin. For the final pin they decide to go all out or off in this case, that’s right the bottoms come off and our nude warriors get ready for the longest fall of all, they rub their sexy breasts together and both seem to be getting turned on but eventually they fight and now it’s naked bodies on the canvas struggling for that pin – how sexy watching these two hot beauties roll and grapple for that illusive pin, they are both getting turned on with all this rubbing and humping – so, so sexy !!!!!!

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