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Time: 25 min

Beauty meets the beater, we all know what a beauty Alix Lynx is with her trim body, blond hair and gorgeous face… and we all know what a beater Ariel X is – oh how she loves these beautiful little blondes. Now Alix doesn’t know it’s the amazing X she has to wrestle or she would have never shown up, but once in the ring Ariel had her prey trapped and it is all over except the pain, and there is lots of that! Ariel has her in the corner and chest slaps the hell out of her, then a body splash and it’s choking time and of course X can’t resist that long blonde braid, it’s just so much fun to pull. Soon the sleek beauty is draped over Ariel’s shoulders, she screams as her long nipples point to the ceiling, but all to no avail as X has so much more in store for this blonde beauty. So often X has her destroyed even to the point where she has to revive her just so she can have more fun with her little play toy – over the rope she puts her neck as her knee chokes, then big body slam that shakes those firm breasts. Time for a pin but no… again X decides she just hasn’t had enough destruction and now we are starting to wonder just how much can this poor girl take… more than you would think – enjoy !!!!


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