Max vs. Santana


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Max Mikita vs. Santana


Time: 17 Minutes/ 331 MB

Max Mikita and Santana bring us the ultimate in Asian delight. Yes these two raven haired beauties are as tough as they are beautiful and both are ready to prove it. Another bronzed grappler, that loves what she does – how is DT so blessed. Max has a lot of experience and does not want to lose her first DT match but everyone knows how tough Santana is, so sit back and watch the dark skin fly. Max wraps her muscular legs around Santana’s small wait then applies a choke but Santana is able to break it and wraps her strong gams around Max’s vulnerable neck but Max also gets free. These two Asian beauties are fun just to look at, the fact that they both roll so well makes this an ultimate fresh face addition. So welcome marvelous Max Mikita a fabulous new addition and one we will be seeing a lot more of.


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