Mia Li vs. Tara


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Time: 18 Minutes / 384 MB

We want to be jam packed with Asian beauties so we asked our friends over at xtremefemalefighing.com to help us out with a super hot Asian and they sent us Mia Li and let me tell you she is one hot Asian beauty. We put her with a striking contrast; the blonde sex kitten; Tara Morgan and watched the sparks fly as both these ladies are so wild and full of life. Soon both are topless and we are treated two Mia’s beautiful breasts as Tara goes after them with delight. Each girl takes her time on top and in control – watch as they strain hard in a sustained test of strength and then back to rolling as we watch their beautiful bodies intertwine the tan brown skin so wonderfully contrasted with milky white. This lady can wrestle and she just loves rolling with the girls – an Asian beauty that can wrestle and loves it – we are so blessed with another fabulous addition to DT, so welcome Mia Li because we will be seeing a lot more of her!!!


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