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Mia Li is one of the toughest wrestlers we have so of course she isn’t afraid of Misty Stone, a girl she hasn’t even heard of and before the match even starts she head buts her giving Misty one hell of a fat lip — oh no you didn’t, there is nothing like a mad Misty and she is really really pissed! No bell needed Misty attacks and she lets it all go as her anger seems to grow over time and if it’s possible she becomes more savage as the match moves on. Misty stomps on every part of the pretty topless Asian, hard killer stomps, then chokes plus crotch and breast destruction. She especially loves using her feet to humiliate poor Mia as she rubs them in Mia’s pretty face over and over. If all this wasn’t enough she throws her out of the ring so she can pound her head into the ring post. Poor Mia no part of her body is left unscathed, this is total destruction by a gorgeous woman in the throws of insane anger – don’t piss Misty off even if you are one of the toughest wrestlers around – hell, that toughness only means you will be able to take more of her savage destruction !!!!!

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