Time/Size: 23 min MB 4838

Some one just the other day asked me why we haven’t had a good butt match in awhile, well here it is: Prinzzess vs. Ivy Sherwood, a butt match and so much more. We start off with a naked Ivy stoking her amazing tush when up comes a naked Prinzzess who lets her know she has a better ass, here we go… both ladies now show off their behinds while lauding their assets. Soon we have a butt contest and both asses are pressed together as they try to smash and bash each bountiful butt through the other. From here we escalate into an all out fight with lots of great holds, camel clutch, Boston crab, match book, grape vine, tribbing, but always we get back to the butts, no matter what position they are in they go for the ass slamming – even just a lot of butt on butt sitting. And let me tell you these two babes have some superior asses and you will see them from all angles as they go cheek to cheek. Neither lady wants to give in but in the end some super hard butt on butt pounding, and I mean some hard pounding as you can really see those cheeks flatten out, so bad one girl can’t go on and the other can barely crawl away, of course we see that rear view crawl too. Two of the best butts and girls who know how to use them, fabulous asses and so much more !!!!!


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