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Time/Size: 26 min/501 MB

Topless kick boxing with the Muay Thai outfits, head gear and mouth pieces – that’s what Francesca Le and Cindy Pucci are dealing with as they start their boxing. They are protected, which means they can go harder at the face and don’t kid yourself, just because one wears head gear the blows still hurt as these ladies find out many a time – each greets the canvas numerous times. Cindy is the first to feel the canvas but when she gets up she is so tough it takes a huge beating to get her down again, hits to face, gut and breasts, and then those kicks, Fran puts her in a Muay Thai clinch and proceeds to throw wicked knees to her gut, breasts and face – Cindy goes down but she is by no means done. Blondie is determined and now we have a real fight as Francesca feels some hard kicks to the ribs, then gut, head and breast shots. Finally we have a knock out or…… and this is by no means over. One feels the other cheated with her breasts, so they decide to go at it again and this time without head gear – wow, another fabulous fight with more strikes to the head, gut and breasts – two great fights in one!!!!!


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