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Time: 16 min

Francesca Le and Alyssa Reese – WOW ya gotta love these two dynamos, they run at each other like two freight trains and their collision is just as dangerous. Yes these two firm brown beauties are bundles of beautiful energy, lots of gut slugs and kicks and all with bad intentions, their holds are just as wild, Fran savagely stretches Alyssa’s arms back then puts her in a side Camel Clutch jerking her head up high, soon it’s super sleek’s turn and Alyssa savagely attacks, kicks all over Fran’s body. To fend her off Franny picks her up over her head and when she drops her she puts on a stifling face-sit. The tops are ripped off and the girls seem to get a second wind — back at their wild attacks, they so look like two warrior women each fighting a duel for her tribe and they fight like they have the weight of their people on them. Fran has a great front choke with her legs wrapped but the wild A gets lose – this match even gets down to low blows not just blows but savage kicks to the tender region and one final face-sit – a face-sit to end all action. WOW ya gotta love this one!


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