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Time: 19 Minutes

The savvy ring vet Sandy has her hands full as she tangles with the tall, blonde and curvy Dallas, making her first DT appearance. Dallas quickly flips Sandy to the canvas and uses her full figure to body splash the shaken mat queen. A follow-up neck scissors has Sandy struggling for air, but she powers out and takes advantage of Dallas’ hesitancy by flipping the big blonde hard to the floor. A leg drop followed by an arm stretch and head scissors puts Sandy in charge and the champ, her own bikini already pulling away from her huge breasts adds insult to injury by removing her opponent’s bikini top as well. This does nothing to slow Dallas down, however, and soon Dallas has Sandy trapped in a headlock, scissors combo. The action goes back and forth as Sandy tries to soften up the bigger Dallas with body slams and arm stretches, but is thwarted by snapmares, stretches and scissors of Dallas’ own making. Heads are butted against the turnbuckles, backs are dropped onto bended knees and crotches are grinded as one blonde-haired woman steps up the torture on the other. When one tired blonde finds her breath literally being taken away by a choking sleeper it is the end of one hellacious encounter between two bodacious blonde brutes.


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