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Time: 17 min

Sultry Santana is convinced that the bikini Shannan is wearing was stolen from her and intends to reclaim it in the ring. Shannan, denying the theft, is immediately on the defensive as the Latin spitfire tries to tear off Shannan’s bikini before the bell sounds. However, Shannan may have gone a bit too far when she starts ramming her fist into Santana’s gut. Santana starts shaking up Shannan with some hard punches of her own, and there are few who can stand up to Santana’s lethal knuckles. Using a choke to prop her opponent in place Santana removes Shannan’s top and taunts her with it. As Shannan tries to reclaim it, Santana slaps her in the face repeatedly. Shannan retaliates by using Santana’s own bikini top to choke her, and the fists really begin to fly. Shannan remains unrepentant and defiant and tries to give as good as she gets, but Santana’s flying fists, devastating knees and crushing chokes may be too much for the accused thief to withstand for long.


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