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Time: 16 min

Our third match features two of the most celebrated wrestlers on the pro circuit, Rockin’ Raquel and Shelly Martinez, meeting in the DT ring for the first time. Shelly is all attitude—which she backs up with some hard stomps to Raquel’s gut, back and feet. Raquel proves that she can fight dirty too as she lands a solid low blow that topples a Shelly and sets the raven-haired bad girl for a powerful head scissors. Shelly’s cries of pain intensify as Raquel strains Shelly’s neck and back with a camel clutch, a standing surfboard and a bow-and-arrow stretch. After more pro-style abuse, Shelly starts to rally and punishes Raquel with some scissors, Boston crabs and sense-shattering stunners that seem to completely overwhelm her lighter haired opponent. Raquel comes back yet again, however, and this proves to be quite a contest between two ring-savvy grapplers that only ends when one weary warrior’s head is smashed hard on the ring floor, setting the loser up for a sleeper hold that just adds a cherry to the victor’s dessert.


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