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Time/Size: 30 min/621 MB

Odette Delacroix is bragging in the ring, she has been training very hard and is ready to take one the best DT has to offer. Sinn Sage hears this and can’t stop laughing and berating the petit warrior but Odette comes back saying how Sinn is the biggest loser at DT and the biggest jobber since Mia; Sinn is furious and challenges Odette to a best out of five smother match, the little blonde accepts but adds a few rules; after each fall the loser has to preform some humiliation that is written on cards that are drawn out of a hat and in the end who ever wins gets to chose her favorite humiliation and make the loser suffer even more – Sinn accepts and we have a fight. Sinn starts by trapping Odettte in the corner and giving her a good beat down, gut slams and crotch destruction but surprisingly Odette comes back and now it’s Sinn on the end of some killer attacks. With each fall comes those dreaded cards that spell out the humiliations, like ants in the pants, cream puffs and many more – these are some very bizarre humiliations that if I explained them would ruin the surprise, suffice it to say they are extremely entertaining. Wrestling, smothering and fabulous humiliations – this is one inventive match, guaranteed to please !!!!


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