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Time: 20 min

The 975s were fabulous Euro blonds fighting nude, they were so popular we are now doing the brunette Euro nudes. Oh boy we have some hot ones here, fabulous bodies only over shadowed by wild personalities. We start out with tall vs. small, tall is Mira, a curvaceous brunette with a fabulous body that she loves to hold against the petit Kerri – she may be small but she is full of energy, her tight little body is sleek and perfectly formed. Mira starts in mini shorts and top and Kerri begins in frilly short skirt and bikini top. Kerri flings her petit frame up at Mira who catches and drops her as cute Kerri wraps her sleek legs around Mira’s little waist but squeeze as she might, big sexy just rolls her over. Soon Kerri pulls her foes top up revealing those luscious breasts, she attacks but Mira only seems to get pleasure from the touch, even when the little one pulls Mira’s shorts half way down her butt and slaps that beautiful young ass, again Mira enjoys, even holding her butt out for more. Now both girls are nude and rolling all over each other. Kerri may be losing but it doesn’t detour her as again she leaps at the taller beauty, Mira holds the little one as those legs again wrap around her waist for one last attempt. So much fun watching these two nude warriors rolling over each other, they so love to touch their soft breasts and firm asses — these two love the touch wrestling allows them — best of both worlds — one sexy fight by two beautiful sexy girls.


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