SPECIAL FANTASIES – Afrika, Cali, Kymberly Jane, Nicole Part 2 of 2


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Afrika, Cali Logan, Kymberly Jane, Nicole Oring


Time: 15 Minutes/ 298 MB

Buckle Up! This is one wild ride! It’s two super villains and two super heros, Wondrous Woman( Kymberly Jane), shows up first and meets with the sultry Nicole Oring who drugs our voluptuous heroine and then brings in her partner the queen of mean, Africa. Together these two destroy our busty super fem – her breasts pop out of her costume as Africa applies a severe camel clutch, Kym’s nipples jut just above the bodice, long and hard from the pain and rubbing on the costume – the nipples stand at attention just waiting for their next tortuous orders. This beat down lasts a long time and includes many excruciating holds: the double bow and arrow, the ceiling lift where the other girl pounds her, back breaker and finally she is stripped to her panties and four large chains restrain her. You might think they are done with the spunky red head but you would be oh so wrong – it’s taunting and anguish till they hypnotize her to do their bidding. Kym calls Batt Woman (Cali Logan) and when she shows they drop a net on her – now it’s three against one and oh how that one gets tormented, what they did to Kym and more as they break out the pies to humiliate her. It goes on and on and the end is just too humiliating to describe as both our heroines are…. It couldn’t happen to two nicer super heroines!


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