SPECIAL FANTASIES – Akira vs. Danielle


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Akira Lane vs. Danielle Trixie


Time: 25 Minutes/ 513 MB

Nylons, breasts, butts and destruction, Danielle Trixie goes after Akira Lane in this classic nylon battle – so if your fantasy involves nylons at all this is the one for you, or if it involves breast destruction this is a must. Be it nylons or breasts these two hot ladies give it their all. They start out with blouses and skirts, our warriors have their claws deep into the bras where they can gouge those supple breasts, soon they are rolling across the floor as they intertwine nylon clad legs and grab handfuls of butt cheeks, then it’s back to the breasts as now the bras are down and full access of the chest flesh is offering some fabulous targets for those red nails. It’s a classic nylon breast battle by two wild ladies !!!!


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