SPECIAL FANTASIES – Emily, Diana, Cali & Afrika Part 2 of 3


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Time: 19 Minutes/ 413 MB

YOU LOVED THE LAST ONE!! Well this one is even better, constant action and it goes on for almost an hour – so we have cut it into three sections and each one is jam packed with wild turmoil. And to top it off the the sexy Emily has been added to the cast, so now Diana, Africa and Emily are here to destroy poor Batgirl (Cali), and what destruction it is, so many inventive painful holds – Africa applies some, then both her and Emily as Diana adds her battering to the restrained victim. Cali is put through a myriad of pain and humiliation: soaked with water and milk, her face forced into a mound of mallow, retrained with multiple contraptions, more bizarre holds applied and then dressed in a fishnet body suit and forced to wear a donkey mask and there is still much more! But how much ravaging can she take! Can Batgirl endure – can she come back? With each episode you will take a wild ride on the road to superheroine demolition.


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