SPECIAL FANTASIES – Sara Liz vs. Spidey (Hollywood) – 5 MINUTE ACTION CLIP


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So, you asked for it – we did it. You wanted a gorgeous big blond to fight that spider woman, under that black skin tight outfit is Hollywood. The blond is the ultra beauty, Sara Liz, she was first featured in FF-020-02 where she went up against Goldie, she is a tall beauty with a natural golden mane that is spectacular. They are both tall and lean which makes for some great holds as they wrap those long, slender legs around each other – Sara Liz does most of the wrapping, multiple times around this Ninja’s neck with various holds, then around her waist. But as usual they do not forget those long excruciating BEAR HUGS, and lots of them, both standing and on their knees. Sara even throws in a chin lock, grape vine, stink face and a sustained boob smother – oh, and did I mention BEAR HUGS! If you like big beautiful blondes that can squeeze the life out of you than you are going to love watching Sara Liz work her magic !!!!

You can view the full length match as a high-quality downloadable movie or on DVD.


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