Summer vs. Misty


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Time: 22 Minutes / 442 MB

So So So many new gorgeous girls, what else can we do – I’ll tell you what we can do… we can give you TWO girls in one match, that’s right two new fabulous girls in one Fresh Faces match: Summer Day, a striking blonde and Misty Lovelace, a killer beauty with auburn hair. And you will see ALL of these nude newbies because they eventually rip the bikinis off of each other and use them to wedgie each other showing off their cut asses. Summer is a local girl and boy does she look like a blonde beach baby, a sleek beauty that will blow your socks off, Misty is from Texas but says she will be coming in to do more matches and we do look forward to her green eyes, auburn hair and milky white skin. The girls picked up the wrestling very fast and both enjoyed rolling around with each other and seem to enjoy grabbing every part of the female body, and of course it makes it easier that they are both so sexy. The match is filled with lots of great wedgies and breast mauling that will keep you totally entertained – which new girl do I concentrate on… such decisions – you may have to watch this many times to get a good look at both ladies. So here you go, TWO, that’s right two amazing new babes that want to get it on for you… so let them!!!


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