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Time/Size: 21 min 448 MB

Usually a Puma match would go in our mixed section but because this one is against a super Keri Spectrum, she is so beautiful in her cape and skimpy super suit. Super Puma sneaks up behind her and once he has her in a super bear hug he is able to squeeze much of the super right out of her, then on to destruction as with her beautiful blonde hair he chokes her. He picks her up and while holding her he chokes, but wait what is this he turns her upside down and… no, Keri now has her legs wrapped around his head – in an amazing turn she chokes him while upside down and as he falls to the mat she secures her legs around his evil neck, it is a true move of beauty, but Puma claws her sweet belly till she releases. The battle rages on with super Puma getting even more brutal, he body slams her over his knee, then chokes her till her eyes bug. Valiantly this super fem fights wildly, she tries to attack and gets in some great holds; grapevine and body scissors, but these only serve to make the big cat even madder. Real destruction comes when he has her in a crucifix or over the top rope, he works over her taught belly with savage blows. Her cape is ripped off and used to choke her, her shoe is ripped of and used to… what the hell is he doing with that shoe?! Keri and Puma a dynamic duo, destined for a savage battle and ultimate destruction!!!


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