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Time/Size: 20 min 463 MB

Lyra Louvel is one hot number in her biker outfit of shinny hot pants, biker boots, fishnet stocking and black bra, on the phone she talks to Skylar who she had a run in with that will come out in an episode in June. She hates Skylar and when she shows up at the ring she is in no mood for what she finds: a sassy Riley Reynolds – this blonde is also dressed in her biker garb of heels short shorts and bra, Lyra is also now in heels and oh do their legs stand out. Riley was supposed to clean the place up but instead she tells Lyra to go to hell because she plans on being the main biker bitch and heading up the gang. A fight ensures to see who will be the leader of the gang, Riley goes on the attack and has a real surprise for her long legged friend when out comes her biker chains that she uses to choke then punch poor Lyra – the destruction is savage and leaves the gorgeous blonde bloody and out cold. Riley takes off giving our feisty blonde just enough time to recover, now it’s her turn to dish it out. When she clamps on that reverse head scissors her butt looks so amazing as it flexes while her muscular legs collapse around the pretty face of Riley and then all she has to do is sit back and that beautiful ass is right in Riley’s face. This is only the beginning of the payback as she works her over from one end of the ring to the other with kicks, slugs and chokes. Hot, hot blonde biker bitches, these biker babes take their destruction serious!!!


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