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Time/Size: 24 min/466 MB

Ariel X challenges Santana to another bout, she has been training and is ready to take on the tough brunette. The next day Santana waits for Ariel to show, she says how this is just a warm up, she really wants the queen of toughness; Goldie Blair. Sleek Ariel arrives and as soon as the fight starts we see the benefit of Ariel’s training, she dances around the ring jabbing at will and scoring shots to the head and gut, but Santana comes back with hard gut slugs as she pins Ariel against the ropes – back and forth it goes but Ariel seems to be winning until Santana kicks her and when Ariel complains she is met with much more of the same – Santana now takes over and beats the crap out of poor Ariel. As Santana gloats over her vanquished foe non other than Goldie enters the ring, Santana is ecstatic as this is who she really wants, Goldie gives her some free shots to her gut, hard smashes to her vulnerable mid section but Goldie takes them all, smash after smash – Santana asks if she is ever going to fight back. Ask and you shall receive, Goldie goes on the attack with savage blows to head and gut, but Santana has some left in her — only one of these beautiful battlers can walk out of this ring. The winner now leans the other two in the corner and does some real bare fisted battering – fists on feminine flesh over and over, now that’s an ending!


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