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Time/Size: 27 min 590 MB

Four amazing babes and total destruction. The last time Odette Delacroix and Melissa Jacobs got together they cheated and beat the hell out of Kendra James in 1219-03, they even went so far as to do some slimy lick smother and destroy on the poor destroyed red head. This time Melissa and her manager are to fight Star 9, but the sleek blonde is wise to their dirty tricks and has talked with the DT commissioner. Melissa is banned and they sent Celeste Star to be the enforcer of the rules. Once Melissa leaves Odette is on her own and scared to death of Star, with good reason as an angry Star starts the Odette demolition, but who is this masked person that comes back and claims to speak no English, looks a lot like Melissa – suffice it to say everything gets very complicated. This new person wants to join in and Celeste has trouble keeping her out and taking care of an injured Odette. It’s so complicated I don’t even want to try to explain how we get everyone fighting, lots of two on one destruction and ending with a long three against one annihilation. One of our babes gets so many varied holds forced on her, like the double bow and arrow that allows the free girl to attack the suspended body with blows, kicks and lots of bites to those vulnerable breasts, then a face-sit while the other two bite, stomp and slug, and so many more you have to see it to believe it. And how befitting to end with another killer lick smother and destroy session as each of the three lick and slobber into their hands then smother their poor victim… over and over this sustained destruction till she can take no more and goes out – three on one to the max!!!


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