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Breasts, breasts, and more breasts — let’s see whose chest flesh can take the most abuse. Taylor Vixen puts her breasts up against Akira Lane in a cat fight dominated by breast destruction. They don’t start out with a test of strength but with a test of breast strength, they each get a hand full of breast flesh and squeeze. Such nice breasts to be pulled, kneaded and clawed – one releases allowing the other to get her in the corner and work over her mammaries with her fists, then uses her own breasts to smother as she pulls her head in tight. Oh and such nice breasts they have, Taylor with those soft natural boobies and Akira with those beautiful pert nipples, they make such nice targets. Even when the girls put on holds, a choke, body scissors, standing leg scissors – even in all these holds they also go to the breasts for more destruction. Slugging, clawing, raking, smashing, kneading, milking, and pulling nipples – form behind, on top, in the corner, on her knees and in all those great holds. Beautiful women with beautiful breasts, trying to rip them off each other – the dark and the light skin, the red nails sinking into soft flesh it’s all so BREASTONISHINGLY, BREASTACULAR!!!!


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