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Time: 24 min

We get a peak into the private goings-on of the nefarious Puma as we see him berating his booking agent Nicole Oring in his private office. The masked mauler is infuriated with Nicole’s handling of his contract and lifts the put-upon Asian by her neck. Nicole gasps for air as The Puma lets her fall to the floor, but his rage is far from abated. As The Puma lifts Nicole high over his head, the girl begs for chance at defending herself. This is just fine with The Puma. This matter will be settled where The Puma settles all his misogynistic feuds—in the ring. Many a female fighter has been crushed inside the squared circle by The Puma, and Nicole may find her employment terminated there as well as her belligerent boss sets out to utterly destroy her. We needn’t go into the details here—you’ll have to see it to truly appreciate, but one can only hope that Nicole’s job came with medical insurance.


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