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Time: 23 min

Longtime DT favorite Lisa Comshaw wastes no time as she knees Jamie Lynn at the opening bell of this ring encounter. Lisa adds to the discomfort of her waist scissors by mauling Jamie’s breasts, but this just fuels Jamie’s anger. The slim blonde spanks the cocky Lisa and rains some hard blows on her opponent’s taut tummy. But, Lisa’s dirty bag of tricks is endless as she wedges Jamie’s tiny bikini bottom up her crotch and delivers some rock-fisted belly blasts of her own. Jamie uses her teeth to bite her way to an advantage and straddles her dazed foe while snacking on Lisa’s toes. Head scissors, more wedgies, breast mauls and chokes are but a few of the dirty tactics implemented during this delirious donnybrook as bodies are continually tossed, punched, groped and abused. A pin gives the first fall to Lisa, but Jamie goes for major payback in the second fall as pummels and tosses Lisa all across the ring. This match goes to three falls with one battered battler inevitably succumbing to a fight-finishing facesit smother, accompanied by another final, humiliating wedgie.


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