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Time: 23 min

Niki Lee Young is showing off her legs, she has just won the best legs contest and is getting some photos taken when Angela Sommers enters with her championship belt, these two both think they are the best at everything and sparks fly, so when Mark is called out of the room a fight ensues. Angela surprises Niki and is soon on top of her but the leggy blonde soon turns the tables and we have a real fight, up against the wall Niki throws her foe and bounces her head off the wall, she strips and beats her, even stuffing her face in Niki’s sweet ass. Finally Angela gets her turn at revenge and oh does she go for it. Both of these ladies take their turn at each other with lots of breast destruction, legs holds, chokes, slugs and kicks. The second half of the match is in the ring as one lady throws her victim in and proceeds to destroy, but again we have a shift in control – both ladies lose their tops but their sexy nylons stay on as they plant their beautiful asses on each others face. Yes their will be blood as these two will not stop until only one of the sexy blondes leaves upright, but the loser demands a rematch – if it’s as good as this one, I can’t wait !!!!!!


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