Alyssa vs. Lola


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Alyssa Reece vs. Lola


Time: 19 Minutes/ 369 MB

Alyssa, one of our toughest young grapplers is going to break in the new girl, but what the sinewy young siren doesn’t know is that this is no newcomer. Lola Lynn has not only done some fighting but she is one tough cookie and not about to be anyones desert. The tops are soon off and used to choke as each girl realizes she needs any advantage possible. The beautiful Lola Lynn proves to be quite a handful as she uses her strong legs to squeeze Alyssa’s gut but Alyssa gives as well as she gets and soon has Lola Lynn is some painful positions – it’s a apparent we’re in for a real treat! These are lovelies that love to mix it up – what better way to welcome a FRESH FACE.


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