Amanda vs. Puma


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Amanda Murphy vs. Puma


Time: 17 Minutes/ 360 MB

We know how easy Puma squishes little girls but what he really likes is to get those big beautiful pros in the ring with him, and when they are blonde, big and pro it’s like cat nip to the big feline, so when Amanda Murphy steps in the ring with Puma he goes wild with delight, but not so fast, remember what happened when he fought Jenni Czech, mm-005-01 – she made him tap out. Sometimes these big tough blondes can be too much. Puma remembers that fight and is not about to see it happen agin, he shows the big girl he can squish her too as he puts her over his head in a back breaker and several other high holds, not to mention all the usual pain filled holds of destructions. He seems to gain extra pleasure knowing she is a pro and can take more pain, he bends the big beautiful blonde in bow and arrows, body stretches, chokes and lots of just good old body pounding. It’s the one and only Puma squishing a big beautiful blonde pro – oh what fun is this!!!!!!


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