Goldie vs. Man


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Time: 20 Minutes/ 415 MB

Bad man, breaks in and wants to take advantage of poor Goldie Blair. Oh she’s going to do as he says because he’s a big strong man, and of course he likes that she is dressed in only a skimpy robe that shows so much cleavage, he’s excited now so he demands…. how dare she say no, well it’s time to teach her how dominant males are. Course he doesn’t know this is thee Goldie Blair, the one and only mean mean fighting machine and she’s about to teach him one hell of a painful lesson. He thinks that first hard smack across the jaw was just luck but soon finds out he has most definitely picked the wrong woman. She looked so good but now she looks very blurry that’s because his head is spinning from another killer blow and this is just the beginning of one of the worst beating we have seen a bad man get. Not just fists of furry but kicks to all his sacred areas, he wants to leave but Goldie is having none of that – hell she’s just getting going, out come the big guns; a frying pan and a large pipe wrench now batter his body. This is not at all what he’d planned, if only he could crawl away. Goldie wants to teach this bad man a lesson he will never forget – trust me, he will never forget this lesson !!!!

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